Installment Agreement

An installment agreement is available to a taxpayer who is unable to pay their tax liability in full as it comes due and/or does not qualify for another form of tax relief to pay their taxes over time. While you are on an installment agreement the IRS will cease all collection activities and will be required to release any existing wage garnishments, so long as you continue making installment payments under the terms of the agreement. In some instances we are able to set up a partial-pay installment agreement which will expire before the statute of limitations on your tax liability is paid-in-full, allowing any remaining taxes owed at the end of the payment plan period to be forgiven. Determining the lowest minimum payment to the IRS or other taxing agency that they are willing to accept for the installment agreement depends on your specific financial situation. As such, we will analyze your particular situation to determine the installment agreement that will put you in a better position where you are able to repay your tax debt and meet your other financial obligations. 

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