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Here at Ameri Law, PC, we know that one of the most stressful aspects of an individual’s life is having an unresolved tax issue with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing agency such as the Franchise Tax Board.

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Don't be fooled by non-attorney tax relief services. Here at Ameri Law, PC, your case is handled by an actual Tax Attorney from start to finish!

The threat of an audit or tax lien by the IRS can strike fear in the heart of any taxpayer!

Our Attorneys have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and protected them from audits and tax liens for over 15 years.

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So many Americans are caught off guard when the IRS comes after them. The U.S. tax code is very complicated and not easy for the average citizen to navigate adding penalties and interest, and now you have a tax debt that you can’t afford to pay! Then comes the scary threats from the IRS, like seizing your home, bank accounts, wage garnishment, and possibly more. You may have very minimal options to pay the amount in full, or pay it back over time with interest and penalties.

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